Thursday, April 5, 2012


1. Easter is a spring or Summer holiday.It is a Christian holiday.It is always On a Sunday.This year,Easter is On April 8th.
2. Christians say Jesus died On Good Friday.On the third day,he rose from the dead,he became alive again.
3. Christians go to the Church On Good Friday and On Easter Sunday.They go at Sunrise.They sing and Pray to the Living God.
4. Good Friday is the day of sadness,because Jesus died on the Croos very Sorrowfully.
5. They think about a new life after death.Easter is a very happy day,because Jesus rose again from the dead and takes away Our sins.
6. The symbols of Easter are Flowers,Chicks,eggs,and rabits are all signs of Easter.They are signs of new life.
7. People are ready for Spring or Summer.They are very happy that Winter is over.In some cities,People show their new clothes in on Easter Sunday.
8. On Easter morning,the Children hunt for their baskets.
9. Little Children believe in the Easter Bunny.The Easter Bunny has many baskets.
10. The Little Children play games with the eggs.They roll eggs up a hill.They have Easter egg or Jelly bean hunts.
11. Families eat a big dinner On Easter Sunday.Praise the Lord.

Saa Hu

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