Friday, July 22, 2011

Terrorist Nih Norway A Phomh

Tuchun, 1:30 pm ah Norway ram, Oslo khualipi i a ummi government building ah car bomb a puak i minung pasarih an thi; zeizat an i hliam a fiang kho rih lo. Building chungah aa tapmi zong an um rih. Car bomh a puah hnu suimilam pahnih tluk a rauh ah Oslo khuapi in chaklei meng 50 a hlatnak Utoya tikulh ah Labour Party mino camp a tuah liomi cu mipa pakhat nih palik thuam i hruk riangmang in a kah hna i minung panga an thi fawn. Hi camp ahhin an Prime mister Jens Stolhtenberg zong a kai ding a si. Nain, a luat manh. Hi ralhrang rianttuannak pahnih hi aa pehtlai mi a si an zumh. An ram pumpi in khuaci an mui ko. A tang hi an hmanthlak pawl a si. Rak zoh law, na umnak hmun in thla rak cam piak ve hna. Norway cu Laimi tampi a kan zohkhenttu le zumtu million pali reng lo an umnak krihfa ram a si.
Victim: Woman covered in blood is led away from the scene following the explosion this afternoon
Bomb puak in liamhma a tuarmi nu an hruai lio
A seriously injured female victim is carried away from the scene by police officers
Palik nih hliamhma a pumi nu an hlawm lio.
Smoke billows from a 17-storey government building after a powerful explosion rocked central Oslo
Oslo Government building dot 17 nak zawn in mei alh a tho.
A man lies injured in the road amid wreckage from the blast as emergency service personnel rush to help him
Hliamhma he a ril komi pa an tuammuai lio
Rescue teams lead away a victim on a stretcher following the blast in Oslo
Mi bawmtu hna nih hliamtuar mi pa mizaw leeng in an nam lio.
Devastation: More rescue workers pick their way through the wreckage to rescue victims
Bomh puah dih hnu Government building kiang sulhnu le an cawlcangh ning
Explosion: The remains of a building caught up in the blast
Mi bawmtu pawl nih building cungah aa tapmi a kawl hnu hna ah an hong chuah lei.
Debris covers the area outside a building in the centre of Oslo with hundreds of windows shattered
Government building pi cu thlalang kuai le fungzum neknawi nih a tuam dih.
Fortunately, it was a public holiday and the offices were less busy than a normal weekday.
Lunglawm tein a um komi Oslo khuapi a ttap ruangmang.
 An aerial view of Utoya Island
Ralhrang kut a tuar cuahmah liomi Utoya tikulh.
Van T. Cung

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